Leadership Services

Client-centric - We work with global leaders, their boards and investors to provide guidance on leadership transformations, acquisitions and reorganisations. We also leverage our network to help our client access key decision-makers and develop their business relations in Asia. This ability derives from our 25-year history in APAC and progressive understanding of this diverse market.

Project Management - We specialize in planning and process management and deliver the guided intuition and analytics that support our clients with finding the culturally required expertise in Asia and Greater China. We connect and curate personalized experiences ranging from:

  • reorganizing your business, upgrading or downsizing
  • acquisition due diligence and integration
  • strategic transformation projects
  • recruitment plans coordination
  • reference checking and information verification

Transparency - The executive search and HR consultancy industries have become overly fragmented in deep functional and geographic specialities. However, we assist by:

  • defining the project across the board
  • managing and driving external/internal resources to ensure results, consistency and complementarity
  • aligning the team with the business strategy.

Asian Expert - Through our deep cultural and geopolitical understanding acquired during the past 30 years, we specialise on Asia. We speak Mandarin Chinese and embrace Asian culture in order to identify the key success factors for leading and operating international standard businesses and for building teams that complement each other in their styles and ethics.

Community leadership - Finally, by leveraging on technology, we have created online global executive communities to build their specific development needs and the collective success of the communities. This enhances the value of the entire network, promotes transparency, governance and sustainability.

Resourceful - Our practice leverages on four essential pillars:

  • an exceptional network of relations and trusted sources
  • best practices in the search process & project management
  • technical skills in leadership assessments
  • broad Asian knowledge and deep greater China expertise

We provide the intimate and personal service that our clients demand and can trust.